Managing 150+ houses ain’t easy!

shutterstock_141646825When your managing 150+ houses you will need a high level of structure in your day, and your week, as the machine will not stop running. As there will be 3 monthly inspections, viewings and landlord expectations to meet. To keep the machine moving forward, you’ll need to do 3 Inspections a day, and viewings, if you do your own letting. Then you have the flood of emails a day, plus the phone calls and texts to keep track of and respond to. On top of this, you will have to manage a crisis or two while keeping up with the daily demands. I know several property managers who do a great job managing these numbers, and make a good living doing it!

A typical day would start with checking the rental arrears, and taking action on over due rent and water. Then I’d check emails and respond for a couple of hours. Before getting the keys I need for inspections and heading out while traffic is light. Between 10.30am to 2.30pm is a good time for inspections, as traffic will pick up at 3pm. If you are in Auckland you will appreciate this. From 3pm till 5.30pm I’ll respond to emails, phone calls and texts. Also I’ll meet owners, tenants and sign up new tenancies during my office hours.

During a typical week, all my viewings would be done on Monday and Tuesday. I’d then vet my applicants on Wednesday and offer tenancies on Thursday and Friday. Tenants can then move in over the weekend. All my viewings for the week ahead, and new listings I have would be scheduled by Friday and ready for tenant enquiry over the weekend. I have huge respect for the good property managers out there!

A tip: Always have your phone charger in the car, and have a second one at your desk for inspections and loading photos up to your PC each day.


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