I’ve just red “LINCHPIN” by Seth Godin. Seth is a marketing genius, he has written about 13 books which have all been best sellers. I have a man crush on him, I think he’s the modern day Yoda. In short, this book is about focusing on the right kind of work to make a difference.

The right kind of work is EMOTIONAL LABOUR, the work that human beings do. The hard stuff. The emotional connection we have with our clients and customers.

The work that will make the difference is not the job. Get the job done, the job is the machine part of what you do. The work is what will make you indispensable to clients and employers. It’s making that phone call rather then the email or text when appropriate, it’s following up, it’s caring, it’s connecting and being human.

This is very applicable to property management. For example, I’d get about 20 phone calls, 20 text’s and 20 emails on an average day. The key to making a difference is knowing when to do the job and when to do the work. Out of these 60 points of contact, I would use 5 to 10 per day to truly make a difference. Thats what sets apart the second best, from being the best! The no 1 spot. The trick is in knowing when to do the job, and when to do your work towards making a difference for an owner.


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