Work for Blessings


Most people say “why put in the work if the money is not good?” Well, everyone starts somewhere, usually at the bottom, and the money at the start is not whats going to get you to the top. It’s the blessings you earn along the way that will get you to the next level, and earn you the respect. Its the blessings that buy you what money cant.

This is something I have always done, to a certain point, without even realizing it. When starting off on a new job or building a new skill, the money doesn’t matter, as long as there is a learning curve to lean in to. Im doing it for blessings. When I’ve mastered a skill or the job, is when money starts to be the main focus. Thats when I’m no longer working for blessings. Thats the point where I’ll find a harder job to do, I’ll grow to the next level. I’d look for a new learning curve to lean into.

I started off as a waiter and bar tender. I’d be on time if not early, and cheerfully do the work to my best emotional and physical ability. It wasn’t about the money, it was for the blessings, the connections, the people, the difference I made. The money paid for my gas and my Nike’s. The blessings got me the better job, it got me respect, connections and free beer whenever I’m at that bar. The blessings provided the platform for me to find the next learning curve to lean into.

In property management, I remind myself this when I’m meeting an owner on a weekend, or dealing with a crisis that requires emotional labour far beyond any monetary compensation. This is when the blessings are on time and a-half! Working that extra mile, is for the blessings fund. Blessings will buy you what money cant.



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