Why do it yourself?


Would you repair your own car? Not if you weren’t a skilled mechanic, right? You would book it into a shop and hope they don’t charge you an arm and a leg. Well, your investment property is worth 10x your car, why would you manage it yourself…

Because you have free time… Is time really free? Because you don’t trust someone else to manage your asset… Would you trust a doctor you have never met? You just want to give it a go… These are the excuses I’ve herd over the years, and fair enough. But things will go wrong, its an imperfect world, so be prepared.

Do you have trusted plumbers, electricians, and handymen who wont rip you off? Are you meeting all the terms and conditions on your rental insurance policy? Have you checked the latest changes to the Residential Tenancies Act? Is that bond still sitting in your account?

Call a professional, and save yourself the time and headache. A 7.5% fee is no comparison to the value of your time you are saving for yourself.




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