Auckland’s Meth Housing Issue


Im constantly dealing with meth contaminated homes. Costing landlords tens of thousands of dollars to clean before they can rent out their houses again. Part of the issue starts due to the owner or the owners agent doing a poor job vetting their tenants. Then when things go bad, they find a professional property manager to sort out the issue.

If they had spent the time and money at the start on a professional property manager, they would have reduced the chances of this becoming an issue. Here are some guidelines around deciding on a property manager.

A good Property Manager:

  1. Will not negotiate her fee, because she know’s her value and the work involved in providing the job expected of them. If you prefer premium products, then pay for a professional property manager.
  2. Has a professional office and gets audited at least once a year. This means they properly manage your rental income.
  3. Will ask you about landlord insurance, smoke alarms and insulation.  Thats the basic set of things landlords need to have for a rental house.

I work in West Auckland and am open to meet landlords to discuss what you need from a property manager.


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