The pursuit of happiness


In your pursuit for happiness. How may times have you reached what you were working towards, only for it to fade back into empty desire? Happiness is triggered by biochemistry in the body. Each time, the same thing happens… and then its over, and we are again in search of the next goal.

This chemical reaction was designed to keep us alive. For example, imagine if we had reached eternal happiness. We wouldn’t need anything else in life. Thus, we wouldn’t eat when we were hungry, or sleep when we were tired. As a result, we would die. It would be The End…

Happiness was designed to fade, so that we would survive as a species. But too much desire, will ruin a man. It will only lead to further dissatisfaction in life.

The Buddha’s suggestion was to reduce our cravings for pleasant sensations, and not allow them to control our lives. With meditation we can train our minds to observe carefully how our sensations arise and pass. When the mind learns to see our sensations for what they are – ephemeral and meaningless vibrations – we loose interest in pursuing them, for what is the point of pursuing something that disappears as fast as it arises.

This is an interesting point I got from the book I’m currently reading called “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari. The same author of “Homo Sapiens” A brief history of human kind. His new book – Homo Deus – looks into what human kind will struggle with now that we have pretty much overcome famine, disease and war.

Also If you are interested in meditation. I super highly recommend the app “Headspace” for guided meditation practices.


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