Do you trust yourself to deliver?


When prospecting a new client, or at a social event meeting new people. Knowing you’re good at something is difficult to convey, unless you have practised and refined your conversation – I dislike the word “pitch”. You will fail at it the first few times, so start failing now and get over that stage, so you can be more effective when people ask you what you do for a living.

As a property manager with Barfoot & Thompson, I have a wealth of expert knowledge in the Auckland market at my disposal. As Auckland specialists we have our finger on the pulse of both property management and the sales industry. Because we specialize, we have a vast network of support people including professional photographers, tradesmen, I T and other industry leaders we trust and work with to provide “you” the best service on the market. Why would you go to the next best heart surgeon, when you can go to the best and most trusted one?

Thats just touching on the brand and reputation of the company I represent. I can also touch on my personal experience which includes dealing with gang affiliated tenants, meth labs and abandoned tenancies in South and West Auckland. The real hard stuff, which makes great conversation.

I trust myself to manage anyones house. If I trust myself, then others can trust me also. Do you trust yourself to deliver? This shows in your presentation, you can choose to convey it in your firm hand shake, and in your warm smile.

The more you prospect the better you will be at overcoming objections and trusting yourself.


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One thought on “Do you trust yourself to deliver?”

  1. Hey Pat. Great to see you were appointed to the job. Does it involve management other than properties, ie. employees?

    Loved your blurb also……………though I did pick up the odd spelling mistake or two!!!

    Your on the second line should be you’re. Practicing on the third line should be practising.

    First line of second paragraph, there should be a comma between Thompson and I-not a full stop. You know I can’t help myself when it comes to spelling and grammar!

    Be good to have a catch up before Christmas. I might pop in when I’m out your way.

    All the best, Kev

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