The Resistance


From the moment we wake up in the morning we battle our own resistance. It’s the voice that allows us to snooze a few more minutes. The resistance is the part of us that wants to make the easy choices in life. If I followed my resistance I would live on the couch playing playstation and eating hot dogs all day!

The other side of the resistance is the worrier within you. It’s the potential you have and the worrier is pushing you to fulfill your potential. Every day the worrier and the dragon of resistance wage battle. The first battle of the day is getting out of bed. If you get up early and go for a run, or meditate or do what the worrier inside you wants to do, the worrier wins the first battle. Each battle after that gets easier for the worrier to win. Give one chance to the Dragon, and your on a slippery slope.

There will be times when people give you criticism, which may fuel the dragon of resistance, which then takes over. When this happens, be aware of it, gather your strength and unleash that worrier again.

Steven Pressfield wrote the book “The War of Art”, and “Doing The Work” I couldn’t recommend these books more. These books outline the resistance and the worrier within all of us.


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