Your Sounds vs. Your Words


Im meeting an owner of 10 rental properties next week, and he has given me the gift of his time. I am very excited about this, by lending his ear and mind to me, he is allowing me to influence his next few decisions. The feelings I can covey to him will have more influence than any words that come out of my mouth.

I have already predetermined the outcome of our meeting… He will like me, and I will get his business! Thats why I’m going to be so happy to meet him! He, will be wondering… why is this guy so happy??… I should be more happy too. Then I will be grateful and “sound” grateful. He will start to realize that he has so much to be grateful for also, and start feeling grateful for all his properties. By the end of the meeting, he wont remember the words I said. But he will remember the way I made him feel.

The sounds, pitch, volume, melody I use in my conversation will influence him way more than the words that come out of my mouth. I learnt this from Roger Love.

Im so thankful that I came across “Roger Love” this morning online. He’s the worlds #1 voice trainer! If your success depends on people listening to you, then check him out here:

Or here:



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