Christmas on the other side


In property management, Christmas is a difficult time for tenants,  if you work in the lower income areas. The cost of Christmas, combined with the days off, means hourly workers don’t get paid. This often means working extra hours leading up to Christmas and New Years, just to make it through.

This time of year we send out letters to thank the tenants for a good year, and remind them that rent is still priority number one when it comes to their fixed costs.

To encourage the spirit of giving, I invite landlords to donate a shopping voucher worth at least $100 for their tenant, if they have been reasonably good with rent payments and house keeping. This small act of giving has often brought tears to the eyes of the recipient. It also encourages good faith, and reduces the risks of a rental payment being missed. The effect this $100 has, is absolutely priceless.

Brendan Burchard wrote “As I walk the path of Gratitude, I arrive at the home of Happiness

Often times, I forget to be thankful for everything I have. Today I will be grateful, and giving 🙂


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