Good Books


Has a book ever changed your life? Its such a great feeling when a new book you have red changes your entire prospective on life, right? For a small price, a good book has such a positive impact. I think it’s one of the best bargin’s out there! This page will include the books that have had this effect on me. I read a new book every week or two, some books I re-read every few months or years.

I’ll start with “LINCHPIN” by Seth Godin. Seth is a marketing genius, he has written about 13 books which have all been best sellers. I had this on Audio Book, and listened to it 3 times back to back to back. Each time I got new bits of gold from it. In short, this book is about focusing on the right kind of work to make a difference. The right kind of work is EMOTIONAL LABOUR, the work that human beings do. The hard stuff. The emotional connection we have with our clients and customers. Not the job. The job is the machine part of what you do. The work is what will make you indispensable to clients and employers. Making that phone call rather then the email or text when appropriate, following up, caring, being human.

A great book on Negotiation is “Getting to Yes” by William Ury. I’m so thankful that they wrote this book. It provides the basic structure of negotiating. It brakes it down so well, that the information provided can be used over and over again from day one. Once you understand the dynamics around negotiation, which this book provides, then look up Ramit Sethi author of I Will  Teach You To Be Rich. He provides scripts and tips on negotiating your credit card rates, negotiating a pay rise, or job interviews and much more on the subject. These have helped me a lot.